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One of the aims of the Integrator sub-project of AquaTerra was to deliver the key findings 
produced by AquaTerra to end-users in the technical, regulatory and policy fields. In order 
to facilitate this process, an integration methodology was developed based on the question: 
How could AT research help river basin managers in their decision making process? This methodology 
focused on interviewing key researchers within each of the AquaTerra sub-projects about how key 
findings could address river basin management issues faced by prospective end-users of AquaTerra 
data and which potential end-users could benefit from these key findings. The interviews were compiled 
into questionnaires, from which a series of summary factsheets were created. These factsheets 
provided a range of core information about AquaTerra and were grouped into two categories: 
knowledge/data and tools. A total of 72 key findings of AquaTerra have been described in the 
AquaTerra factsheets, of which 31 were Tools (methods, models, laboratory protocols, etc.) 
and 41 were results related to Knowledge & Data. 

Each factsheet is between one and four pages long and contains a summary table of information 
describing the location in which the information was derived, the water quality issues it 
address, the nature of the key findings and the end users to whom the information may be of 
relevance. A brief text summary is also provided, introducing and describing the key findings, 
giving recommendations on the basis of these findings and suggestions for potential end users. 
They provide a good introduction to the work of AquaTerra and will help to target the relevant 
technical summaries in this website and the more detailed reports and scientific publications 
available elsewhere.

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