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The information in this text is a technical summary of the work undertaken in the EU FP6 project AquaTerra (Project 
number GOCE505428), which ran from April 2005 until March 2009. The aim of this technical summary is to provide a
concise account of the range and nature of the work undertaken in the project relating to the subject of SOIL, in particular
contaminated sediments, diffuse pollution and hydrology. The intention is to make the work of AquaTerra more accessible
to stakeholders for whom the information could be of value. This document should be read with a view to following
up the work it describes in more detail through the specific project deliverables, which if publically available
can be downloaded from the main project website: Alternatively, a catalogue of
relevant scientific publications related to this subject can be viewed at

Click here to download a pdf file of the full technical summary


Soil is a vital resource. It is used to grow food and breed livestock, it is used as a surface to build on, acts as a store 
of carbon, stores and filters water and helps to play a key role in the hydrological cycle of river basins. Poor quality
soil lacks structure, nutrients and organic matter; poor soil is prone to erosion, which exacerbates these problems
further. Soil quality, levels of organic matter and the extent of soil erosion is a major concern across most areas
of Europe.
The consequences of increased erosion and reduced fertility will affect agriculture, hydrology and sediment
and pollutant transport. The majority of the work related to soil studies within the project focused on the DANUBE,
EBRO, ELBE and MEUSE river basins. The work of the AquaTerra project in relation to soil focused on three key areas;
soil processes, chemical monitoring and soil erosion. A brief background on the state of soil across the three pertinent
basins is followed by a description of AquaTerra work in the three core areas.

Click here to download a pdf file of the full technical summary

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